We breed Shetland sheepdogs in the kennelname Deardreams, which allocated the 30th of November in 2007. Back in the name of Deardreams was dream to have a kennel, where breeds beautiful, happy and healthy dogs. After careful consideration we plan litters from good and healthy parents. Breeders basic program accomplished in 2007. We belong at Finnish Shetland Sheepdogs Club and Finnish Kennel Club.

Our goal is breed in accordance with race definitions shelties, which are healthy, good definitions, good character and they move beautifully and sweet looking. Shelties are suitable for miscellaneous action, example shows and among others things (agility, discipline, dog dancing and home dog). Our puppies born rarely and when we had puppies, our dream is, as most of other breeders, that there born that "future star". Puppies personalities are different and quiet one is not to be suitable for same place that vivid and bold puppy. See more info in Puppies -page.

We don't have any seperate rooms for our dogs. Dogs living with us in our home as family member. Puppies grow with our family so they come socialised, brave and happy dogs and they are get used to children and adult. We feed all our dogs in high-class dog food which contains all vitamins and nutritions that dogs needs. We have years of experience in different kind of animals and we have pets as far as childhood.

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